Resilience of desert societies: Adaptation strategies


Conveners: Dr. Yoav Avni, Geological Survey of Israel and Dr. Noa Avriel-Avni, Dead Sea and Arava Science Center.


Please read or view the presentations in the conference program, before the session begins. In the session itself there will be only short presentations that will present the main points..

The goals of the workshop are formulated as following:

  1. To better understand desert environments, their environmental changes and their relations to arid land societies. To attain better insights into both arid environments impacts on humans and vice versa.
  2. To elaborate on the processes of adaptation of desert societies to divers desert environments. To evaluate their resilience versus their vulnerability related to their interaction with neighboring sedentary societies, especially in the exchange of goods, technologies, and ideas in diverse case studies from different desert regions.
  3. To formulate the new concept of "resilience and collapse" accurately and richly, in the context of human societies in drylands.
  4. To develop insights into future adaptations to desert conditions. What contemporary societies can learn from societies living in arid lands?


Adaptation of desert societies and their interaction with nearby sedentary societies

Coordinator: Gideon Shelach-Lavi

Respondents: Arlene Rosen, Calogero M. Santoro



Prof. Steven Rosen
Ben Gurion University, Israel
Prof. Gideon Shelach-Lavi
Department of Asian Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Prof. Gideon Avni
Israel Antiquities Authority and the Hebrew University, Israel
Mr. Leizer Bergman
Israel Nature and Parks Authority, Israel