Energy Challenges



Co-Conveners: Arik Yochelis, BGU, and Iris Visoly-Fisher, BGU


It is self-evident that future energetic prospects depend significantly on the development of renewable energy solutions, yet this is also accompanied by major concerns regarding feasibility. While we can witness many breakthroughs, there are also fundamental gaps in our mechanistic understanding of applications that challenge commercialization of renewable energy technologies. The sessions on renewable energy challenges will be devoted to encourage a bridge between application-driven research and basic science studies. In a concluding panel discussion(s) experts from both experimental and theoretical disciplines will present their views about both the current status and the future of energy research along with the potential prospects toward commercial utilization.

Specific Topics: Electrochemical energy storage, Catalysis – fuels and fuel cells, Photocatalysis and solar fuels, Photovoltaics, Thermoelectrics and thermosolar, Nuclear, Integration of renewable energy technologies.