Flash-Floods in the arid environment


Convener: Sivan Isaacson, Dead Sea and Arava Center, and Elli Groner, Dead Sea And Arava Center

Flash floods in semi-arid, arid and hyper-arid regions have their own characteristics such as, infrequency, short duration, high variability in space and time and unpredictability. Flow events and flash floods in arid regions impact varying aspects such as ecology, agriculture, infrastructure, property and may even threaten lives, the need to understand floods mechanisms in those areas is of great importance. This session will cover diverse topics related to flash floods in arid regions such as: remote sensing, paleohydrology, sediment transportation and more.



Prof. Aaron Yair
The Department of Geography, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Mr. Eran Halfi
Dead Sea and Arava Science Center; Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Dr. Rachel Armoza-Zvuloni
Dead Sea and Arava Science Center, Israel
Rami Zituni
The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Haifa, Israel
Dr. Sivan Isaacson
Desert Floods Research Center, Dead Sea and Arava Science Center