Health Virtual Tour: "The relationship between environment, health, desertification and climate change"


Co-Conveners: Nadav Davidovitch, BGU, and Maya Negev, University of Haifa

A transcontinental tour including Australia, Kenya, Israel and the United States, bringing live examples of the relationship between environment, health, desertification and climate change. The tour will include short clips portraying social, health and economic angles, and will be discussed in the context of the covid crisis and a sustainable exit strategy.

Presenters to be:

Sam Dorevitch, University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Public Health

Prof. George Ogendi, Department of Environmental Science, Egerton University, Kenya , OR Dryland Research Training and Ecotourism Centre, Chemeron, Kenya

Colin MacDougall, Flinders University, Adelaide & University of Melbourne, Australia

Fareed Mahameed, Clive Lipchin , The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, Israel - "Decentralized wastewater treatment and reuse for marginalized communities in arid regions: a case study from the Bedouiin community in Israel"

Dr. Na'amah Razon, University of California, San Francisco, USA