Foodtech industry- New technologies in face of new challenges


Convener: Zipora Tietel, ARO

Overview: The food industry, relying on the agricultural system, is responsible for feeding 8 Billion people in 2025, and 10 billion in 2050. In addition to increasing population, it is also to face challenges resulting from environmental changes limiting its resources, including farming land area, water and energy. To successfully confront such demanding conditions, new technologies need to be developed and harnessed, to enable food security, safety and quality. Some companies have already presented cutting-edge solutions for crucial issues e.g. alternative protein in replacement of animal products, advanced packaging, delivery platforms and online spoilage detection to decrease food waste, and new functional foods with enhanced health benefits. The current session will present and discuss food-related challenges, and the industry approaches and technologies in facing them.



Prof. Nir Ohad
Tel Aviv University, Israel
Dr. Michal Levy
Israeli Ministry of Agriculture
Taly Nechushtan
Ceo, InnovoPro, Israel
Dr. Dikla Montekio
Director of Investments & Strategic Partnerships; The Kitchen Hub, Israel