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Food security in view of Covid19

Food security in view of Covid19

Prof. Nir Ohad
Tel Aviv University, Israel

Prof. Nir Ohad received his Ph.D. in Genetics from Hebrew University. Since 1997, Prof. Ohad has been a member of The School of Plant Sciences and Food Security at Tel-Aviv University.

Prof. Ohad is studying plant epigenetics. In particular he studies the role of DNA and Histone methylation as part of epigenetic regulation during plant reproduction and development.

Prof. Nir Ohad serves since 2014 as the head of The Manna Center Program for Food Safety and Security (MCPFSS) at Tel Aviv University. The program aims leveraging expertise in basic and applied science as well as technological innovations toward solving some of the most pressing issues affecting both the local and global needs for sufficient and nutritious food in a sustainable manner.

The Manna Center Program operates to achieve the above goals, employing Research, Education and Outreach programs. To this end, the Program brings together scholars and scientists from TAU and around the world, to prepare the next generation of scientists and policymakers to guide global food security issues in the years to come.