Session #1: Desertification, water and health


In this panel we will discuss desertification, water and health as a case study for implementing One Health / Ecohealth approaches. In recent years there are growing challenges in water policies, ranging from anti-microbial resistance, health effects of water desalination and access to water and sanitation. Desertification and climate impacts on water are felt at every corner of the globe. Water stress will become more acute going forward, due to high population growth, urbanization, structural transformation, climate change, and contamination. The right to water is acknowledged as a basic universal human right interrelated with other rights, including the right to health and to an adequate standard of living. From this perspective it is the state's obligation to ensure the availability, accessibility and quality of water for all persons under its governance. It has to do so in an equitable manner and with special consideration of marginalized groups. The panel will bring an inter-disciplinary perspective on desertification, water and health, dealing with a variety of issues such water quality and allocation, anti-microbial resistance and health influences of water desalination, including from the perspective of health equity and the communities involved.