DDD Conference

Agrivoltaics – how can it be implemented in a desert environment?

Conveners: Jack Gilron, BIDR, & Avi Niv, BIDR

Session 1: Techno-Agro optimization including micro-economics

Session 2: Macro-economic, social and ecological implications
The requirements of land use for photovoltaics could present challenges to preserving desert ecology by changing the solar insolation to the ground. At the same time it could have positive benefits in reducing heating of the ground during a time of increasing global warming. Agrivoltaics is a growing area (see links and attached file) which intentionally combines solar PV and agriculture in a way that could benefit both. For example, rotating grazing of sheep/goats can keep the panels free of desert plants that may shade the panels while providing soil with nutrients. A serious problem with respect to agriculture in desert environments is access to water. If water is required to keep the solar panels clean, then this rinsed water could be used for agriculture. There is a clear intersection of water, food, and energy production. We welcome talks with either conceptual or field studies that address this.

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