DDD Conference

Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Continuum: Effect of Rewetting and Drought on Soil Gases Emissions

Convener: Ilya Gelfend, BGU

The rewetting of dry soils is short-term process that has disproportional effect on dryland ecosystems functioning and soil emissions of trace gases. Emissions of both, carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N) oxides, during first rewetting may account for large portion of annual emissions of these gases to the atmosphere. Mechanisms behind soil trace gases emissions, post-wetting are still not well understood despite extensive study during past ~50 years. Understanding processes causing large bursts of gaseous emissions during rewetting is especially crucial in light of predicted by global climatic models’ intensification of global water cycle. Intensification which anticipated to affect both droughts and rewetting events. In this session we are interested in expanding our knowledge on the trace gases emissions from drylands.

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