DDD Conference

Energy and Sustainability in the Built Environment

Conveners: Prof. Alva Peled, BGU, Prof. Isaac Meir, BGU, & Prof. Moshe Herzberg, BGU

Desert environments demand that planning and design of settlements, buildings, materials and methods be considered in ways different from those common in less harsh environments. Appropriate planning and design custom made for deserts can create better living conditions for residents, while at the same time can lower energy demand for the acclimatization of buildings and enhance the production of electricity from Renewable Energy Sources (RES). Such issues are being stressed as climate changes and exacerbates, impacting risk groups and the mere survivability of desert communities, as well as such that are being affected by desertification processes.

The BGU Center of Energy & Sustainability (CES) is organizing two thematic sessions:

  • Energy & Sustainability I – The built environment
  • Energy & Sustainability II – Materials

Each session includes experts from Israel and overseas.


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