DDD Conference

Algae-based solutions for food crisis challenges

Conveners: Dina Zilberg, BGU & Inna Khozin-Goldberg (BIDR)

Global food security is affected by multiple threats, including the ever-increasing demand for food, climate change and its impact on food production. Microalgal production have a range of advantages, such as assimilation of inorganic carbon, rapid accumulation of biomass, utilization of non-arable land, water, nitrogen and phosphorus side resources, along with high content of protein and various nutritional and health-promoting compounds. The contribution of microalgal production to the sustainable bioeconomy and food security is steadily increasing owing to isolation and domestication of new strains, genetic improvements, refinement of cultivation conditions, and downstream processing. This session will focus on the interdisciplinary approaches and implementation of microalgae to improve the sustainability of food production and contribute to food security through use as a food ingredient for human consumption and their application in sustainable livestock production.

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