DDD Conference

Plant adjustment to biotic and abiotic stresses in changing environments

Conveners: Naftali Lazarovitch, BIDR & Vered Tzin, BIDR

Plants under field conditions experience a broad range of environmental changes during growth that could limit their productivity. When crop plants are cultivated under suboptimal conditions, a yield decrease is detected, and the actual yield is usually lower than the potential. Abiotic and biotic stress factors are the major constraints for achieving crop yield potential. As climate change evolves, the intensity of these stresses is anticipated to increase with a higher probability that crops will be exposed to both types of stresses. This session will explore studied that explore various abiotic and biotic stresses and their combinations. This session will particularly focus on plant molecular and physiological traits of stress combination to bridge the knowledge gap and to facilitate the development of crops with greater tolerance to stress conditions.

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