DDD Conference

Ms. Orly Aharoni, Adv. LLM

Agri-Voltaic, Policy and Regulation Conflicts

Legal policy advisor, Climate regulation professional, Israel
Meeting the challenges of food and energy security in a world facing climate change,  will require the use of a significant share of land. In many parts of the world including Israel, which is densely populated, land is a scarce resource. The rising temperatures, more frequent droughts, and lose of arable land for agriculture puts in doubt the future of local agriculture and food security. APV dual use, if implemented in the right balance, could be an efficient solution.
However, the present regulation of agricultural land in Israel, is based on the paradigm that the land could only be used for agriculture, with very minor exceptions of commercial, and semi-commercial use. The historic background leads to the establishment of the state of Israel, the ideal of working and connecting with the land. Years passed, and agriculture has changed in many aspects, yet the regulation is still based on the same principles.
In order to have affective Dual use, meet the targets of reducing emissions and deal with our food security challenge, we must re- imagine the regulation needed. There is an urgent need to draw inclusive policies that regulate the use of land taking in account social and distributional justice, while addressing both food and energy security.
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