DDD Conference

5. Prof. Shimon Rachmilevitch

Family Ties: Root Social Physiology within Solanaceae

Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Root-root communication effects on social physiology among Solanaceae relatives were studied. We examined cherry (C) and field (F) tomato, and bell pepper (B), comprising three degrees of relatedness (DOR), i.e., high (H-DOR; CC, FF and BB), medium (M-DOR; CF) and low (L-DOR; CB and FB). Root respiration, growth, accompanied by the proliferation of fine roots and root length density increased with L-DOR plants, alongside, significant lower investment in total organic carbon and protein within root exudates was observed. Our findings indicate, for the first time, that Solanaceae relatives can recognize the degree of relatedness of their neighbors.

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