DDD Conference

Dr. Vasilis Tsambardoukas

The Role of the application of Bio-Stimulants during Salinity Stress & an Integrated Bio Stimulant Approach for Alleviating Plant Stress under Desert Conditions

Haifa Group, Israel

Salinity is among the abiotic stresses most negatively affecting agricultural crops due to interference with crop growth and development. Evidence indicates osmotic stress induces oxidative stress that leads to an increase and accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) within the plant cells. The usage of plant extract-based bio-stimulants containing bioactive compounds (antioxidants) helps crops to cope with osmotic stress caused to the plants because of the use of saline-brackish water for irrigation that results in yield reduction. An integrated bio-stimulant approach, aiming at the enhancement of the plant-soil-water system in desert conditions and the introduction of different active molecules per phenological stage of the plant, revealing their mode of action under high temperatures, salinity & drought stress.

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