DDD Conference

6. Dr. Dror Shalitin

DIPTM Platform Used to Discover Genes that Provide Drought Tolerance Crops

PlantArcBio, Israel

Plantarc Bio Ltd. (TASE:PLNT) is an Ag-biotech company engaged in research and development in the field of gene discovery and biological components to improve plant traits, intended primarily for use in the agricultural industry, with a vision to contribute to global food security and address sustainable agriculture.

PlantArcBio developed a unique, patented protected process for discovering genes that enhance various target traits desired for selected plant varieties – DIP™ (Direct In Plant). With the DIP™ technology we collect samples from different environments to create proprietary gene libraries, we transform millions of genes into model plants, and apply stress to screen for the best performing plants to identify desired genes.

Using DIP™ – the company detects new genes that have beneficial effects on plants, such as drought resistance, herbicide tolerance, fertilizer use efficiency and improved yield.

In the talk I will give a few examples of genes we discovered, that made all the way from the desert and the Dead Sea region into model plants and to real important agricultural crops and show drought tolerance and yield increase



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