DDD Conference

1. Dr. Uri Hochberg

Making (Non)sense of Grapevine Cultivars Classification into Iso/anisohydric

Volcani Institute, Agricultural Research Organization, Israel

Grapevines are frequently classified as isohydric or anisohydric in an attempt to portray their water relations strategy. However, despite the popularity of the iso/anisohydric classification, the underlying biology remains unclear. In this presentation, I will present a simple hydraulic model, field measurements, and the extensive literature on grapevine hydraulics to illustrate that the iso/anisohydric classification depends on the definition used and the environment in which it is grown, rather than describing an intrinsic property of the plant itself. I argue that abandoning the iso/anisohydric terminology and returning to a more fundamental hydraulic framework would provide a stronger foundation for cultivars comparisons.

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