DDD Conference

Dr. Rina Kedem and Dr. Suleiman Halasah

Cross Border Environmental Cooperation in Desert Communities: The Case of Jordan and Israel

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and University of Oxford, England

Environmental cooperation became essential and dominant in global environmental governance strategies since the second half of the 20th century. The effectiveness and implementation of international environmental regimes has been vastly researched. Yet there is very little or no specific reference to the environmental regime between countries in post-conflict relations. The southern border communities in Israel and Jordan are under constant threats of desertification and climate change. Environmental and scientific cooperation efforts have been practiced since the signing of the Peace Treaty in 1994. International agencies, universities, and local NGO’s have been involved in such cooperation which produced rich experiences and conceptual frameworks. Suleiman and Rina have been developing such environmental cooperation projects in the southern Jordanian and Israeli Arava. This session will present the local and political contexts of their work, the type of projects they lead, the unique methodology they use, and the impacts of this work.


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