DDD Conference

1. Prof. Zhongyi Jiang

Bioinspired Antifouling Membranes for Water Treatment

Tianjin University, China

Membrane technology has become an indispensable platform technology for water purification, including seawater and brackish water desalination as well as municipal or industrial wastewater treatment. However, membrane fouling, which arises from the nonspecific interaction between membrane surface and foulants, significantly impedes the efficient application of membrane technology. Preparing antifouling membranes is a fundamental strategy to deal with pervasive fouling problems from a variety of foulants. This presentation will first introduce the recent development in antifouling membranes. In particular, the strategies and mechanisms for antifouling membranes, including passive fouling resistance and fouling release, active off-surface and on-surface strategies, will be discussed. The research work on bioinspired antifouling membranes for water treatment will be highlighted.

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