DDD Conference

Prof. Marisol Izquierdo

Could Arid Regions Contribute to Fulfill the World Demand for Omega-3?

University Institute for Research in Sustainable Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems, Spain

Aquaculture has become a mature food industry, which is able to supply aquatic food for the increasing demand by the consumers, contributing to food security and sovereignty. This fast development of Aquaculture has been supported by solutions provided by a hard effort in research, and the application of technological innovations in many different areas. Aquaculture not only has a unique role in fulfilling the seafood gap between the global demand and the fisheries production, it is also the most reliable way to increase omega-3 production. Considering the actual and projected figures for the world population growth, the global omega-3 values to fulfill recommendations from health organizations and the production of omega-3 by the different productive sectors, it is clear that the omega-3 demand is not fulfil at present and will neither be fulfilled if we do not adopt some important measures to adapt to the present situation and to the global climate change. Only Aquaculture would have the potential to fulfil world seafood and omega-3 demand, but it also confronts its own omega-3 requirement to grow. Indeed, the need for novel competitive and sustainable ingredients and, particularly, for omega-3 sources is one of the majors constrains for the further grow of Aquafeeds and Aquaculture. In this scenario, the present overview will analyze the different strategies and suitable production practices that Aquaculture must adopt to increase omega-3 production for the consumer and the potential role that arid regions may have the chance to play.

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