DDD Conference

Dr. Yaron Aviv

We Who Drives Will Never Thirst Again”. Regulatory Disciplines Integration in Automotive World

Watergen Ltd., Israel

Water quality standards describe the desired conditions of potable water and how it can be achieved. Advances in water production technologies raise regulatory issues that differ from anything that regulators have had to deal with in the past. It even gets harder when multi-disciplines are merged into one product in the automotive world.

21st century as a link of automotive evolution?
Water is life – and life on earth is linked with water. Water has tremendously promoted cars development, from the early 17th century with the invention of the first steam-powered vehicle. Nowadays, humans progressively spend time in their well equipped cars, therefore, it is essential to start new era in which automotives will also generate fresh potable water.

What technology can afford it?
Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG’s) have recently become significant yet to be exploited as a source of drinking water. YES, water can be harvested from the air! Atmospheric water represents a virtually endless supply that is universally available and continually replenished. Technologically, the proprietary patented GENius heat-exchange technology turns air into water that in turn channeled through a multi-stage filtering system and microbiological treatment that ultimately, keep the water fresh and tasty.

Believe, it can happen!- our goal is to upgrade the near future automotives with integral AWG that is not only eco friendly but also provide safe and tasty water.

What challenges lie ahead?
With these objectives, we thoroughly investigate the relations between water-related contaminants combined with automotive-environmental challenges and its consequences in water regulatory and safety aspects.

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