DDD Conference

Ms. Dikla Zadaka

Odds or Evens? Relationships between the Industry and Academy

Watergen Ltd., Israel

Technology development via academy and industry vision is crucial to think outside the obvious box.

Despite serious limitations due to differences in cost, IP, interest and timelines, the technology transfer is much easier in cases where joint development efforts are taken.

Other benefits of such collaboration include expanded research capacity, project funding, excess to cutting edge technologies, academic publications from the university side and lower research overhead, excess to world class expertise, future employees recruiting and progress in product development from the industry side.

So, where are we at?

Water scarcity now and in the near future has great awareness and concern. Air as a new emerging source of drinking water is getting more and more popular.

Watergen has decided to take the lead of generating water from the air and communicate with the university from the above mentioned points to improve its knowledge as experts in atmospheric water.

Cooperative research has promoted Watergen nowadays to communicate with global regulatory bodies which considered Watergen as a focal point in building and shaping international standards related with the scientific side of AWG.

What other pros and cons? How to elevate the success of such cooperation from the industrial side? How wins the IP? And other questions will be addressed.


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