DDD Conference

Mr. Babagana Abubakar

Exploiting Lake Chad’s Ground Water Resources for Improving Livelihoods of Rural Dwellers affected by Climate Change in Africa

Kanuri Development Association, Nigeria


Due to the impacts of the ongoing climate change in this part of Africa, the Lake Chad keeps receding, annual precipitation keeps declining, once green agricultural farmlands are transforming in to barren desert fields, irrigable lands left uncultivated, communities sources of water keeps getting contaminated, humans and animals in some instances share same sources of water at the same time, water scarcity is on the increase ,diseases keeps multiplying , desert encroachments is increasing at catastrophic level with an average acceleration of 0.8 .

In the past the Lake Chad surface water served as a source of water supply, fishing and pastoral activities for many African rural dwellers whose livelihoods are directly dependent on it for their survival.

Drip irrigation system proves effective just like in the Negev desert of Israel around the ancient Dead Sea and the fortress of Masada. So Drip irrigation system shall be adopted in reviving the agricultural activities here, because using the same system Israel was able to convert the desert area into agriculturally cultivatable lands.


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