Session Descriptions

Animal distribution, abundance and interactions in drylands and in response to desertification
Assessing emerging health risks in water: Drylands and beyond
Biodeterioration and preservation of desert archeological sites
Desert soil crusts: current and future roles in desert ecosystems
Efficient use of water in dryland agriculture
Fairy circles as a self-organization phenomenon
Land degradation neutrality: the physical and geographical dimension
Land degradation neutrality: will Africa achieve it?: Institutional solutions to land degradation and restoration in Africa
Landscape restoration and renewable household energy
Mechanics of granular matter
Multi-Source Land Imaging for Studying Desertification and Land Degradation
Native and Non-native Trees in Dryland Afforestation
NGOs for water: activities in rural communities
On-site sanitation, wastewater treatment and reuse
Pattern formation in windblown sand
Plant abiotic stress tolerance mechanisms for coping with arid and semi-arid environments
Plant nutrition under abiotic stress
Practice and theory of combating desertification in rural areas
Remote Sensing - Tools and Implications in Dryland
Role and function of organic matter in dryland soils
Scientific conceptual framework for land degradation neutrality: a report of the Science-Policy Interface Committee
Self-organized vegetation patchiness: observations, modeling and model analysis
Soil component of regional and global climate models
Soil-atmosphere exchange of greenhouse gases
The environmental change-biodiversity-disease triangle: host-parasite interactions in the era of global changes in land use, temperatures, and aridity, with implications for disease risk
Urban form of dryland cities - mitigating effects of climate change and environmental degradation
Vegetation patterns and processes in dryland regions in relation to land use and climate change
Vine molecular physiology and genetics
Vineyard-environment interactions
Viticulture/agronomy practices in relation to climate
Water flow and heat transport in dryland soils: modeling and measurements